Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding Day

It was very early when I started posting this, I've been up since 2:30am since Gryffin decided he just had to go outside.  So, since I was awake I decided to turn on the TV for the latest Royal Wedding watch.  CNN already was covering the day and at 3am the BBC started coverage...I decided to stay up, though I dozed off and on until 5:30am when things really started to get going. 

I decided not to have tea as I thought I would...I brewed a pot of coffee, I needed a good morning jolt. I have now had several cups.

 The bride was lovely and as I watched I could not help but remember my own DD as a lovely bride

and the kiss

best wishes to the Duke & Dutchess of was an enjoyable do something different morning, the only thing that would have improved it, would have been to share it with my DD, but alas, she is a working girl. (To the moon and back dd)

oh...and on an added note...I did not wear the tiarra.

Living in His grace,

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Jodi said...

Congratulations, grandma! I've been away visiting my kids, but I'll be back soon to catch up on your posts :)