Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding Day

It was very early when I started posting this, I've been up since 2:30am since Gryffin decided he just had to go outside.  So, since I was awake I decided to turn on the TV for the latest Royal Wedding watch.  CNN already was covering the day and at 3am the BBC started coverage...I decided to stay up, though I dozed off and on until 5:30am when things really started to get going. 

I decided not to have tea as I thought I would...I brewed a pot of coffee, I needed a good morning jolt. I have now had several cups.

 The bride was lovely and as I watched I could not help but remember my own DD as a lovely bride

and the kiss

best wishes to the Duke & Dutchess of was an enjoyable do something different morning, the only thing that would have improved it, would have been to share it with my DD, but alas, she is a working girl. (To the moon and back dd)

oh...and on an added note...I did not wear the tiarra.

Living in His grace,

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Getting Ready...

I have a secret...I am a Royal's not just the Royals, it's all things British. I enjoy it all (my family doesn't understand me). So, I plan to DVR the wedding starting at 4am along with most any special that's on between now and then. I have the Today Show on now in the background which is broadcasting from London. I am toying with the idea of watching the wedding live, which means I will get up just before 4am...we'll see how that goes.
So, now I'm off to the bakery to see if I can find some scones to go with my morning tea which I will drink only tomorrow in honor of the day...I am an avid coffee drinker.  I enjoy tea but for me it's an afternoon tea
Hmm...maybe I should borrow my DD's tiarra to wear......

Living in His grace,

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Break in the Rain

Easter weekend was very tiring but exciting.  For the big egg hunt at our church we had 700 in attendance, adults and kids.  For our small town church that's a pretty big number.  Due to all the rain, we had to have the hunt and festivities inside the church.  We are grateful that the Lord has blessed us with a building large enough to handle it though. 

Easter was a day full of sunrise service, church breakfast, 2 other services (for DF) and running home to clean and do some cooking for family who arrived in the afternoon. Oh, and there was rain.  By the evening I was plumb tired out. 

Today we had a break in the rain (yay) and I took a walk around the soppy yard to check on the progress of the vegie and flower garden and found many more things to be thankful for....

radishes and lettuce planted just over a week ago have appeared

potatoes planted

beautiful Lungwort in bloom

fronds from ferns unfurling

white bleeding heart

I am also thankful that the terrible storms that have plagued the country have slowed in intensity by the time they have reached here.  While watching the news this evening I saw the devastation they have caused. We are supposed to be under the gun tomorrow for severe I pray we continue to be missed.

On a lighter note....this is the last picture of Mr. Knightly...he is scheduled to meet his Maker tomorrow and afterward meet my soup pot :)   I was torn about his leaving (note the word "was") I have had a love/hate relationship with him...but today, as I was checking out the gardens, he was stalking me. The love is gone... I decided that I did not want to go through the whole summer watching for him over my, Mr Knightly.

Living in His grace,

Friday, April 22, 2011

It is finished....

Thankful for HIS grace,

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The pressure is rising....

Yay, the sun has returned, at least for today.  The barometer on the kitchen wall shows that the pressure has increased significantly since yesterday promising a dry day today, so the pressure is on to get as much done outside as possible today.  This will be the only day for awhile since rain is forecast to return tomorrow and stay through the Easter weekend. Speaking of Easter, busy weekend ahead (more pressure) we are part of the church cleaning team this month (cleaning), large egg hunt @ church for the community Saturday (serving & cleaning), helping with sunrise service breakfast (serving & cleaning), family here for Easter dinner (cooking & cleaning), hmmm seems to be a cleaning theme :)

In all of this I must remember to continually turn my heart & mind to the reason for Easter...that my Savior bled, died and most importantly rose again to rescue me from my sin and the death that it results in.  I must try to be Mary while bustling like Martha.

Living in His grace,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The past few days have been filled to the brim with spring work, mowing, raking, trimming and planting.  DF tilled the gardens and we were able to get onions, radishes and 8 rows of potatoes in (between the rain). I stuck the camera (oh yes, I found it...dropped between the dry sink and the wall in the kitchen) in my pocket and took random pictures during the weekend here's one to share...

a piece of lavender starting to green and little white wild flowers that were growing in the yard.  We do not put weed control on most of our yard only around the front and side of the house, the rest is left to "do it's own thing", thus we have these little white flowers, purple violets and yes...the disdain of the yard warriors...the dreaded, evil, how can you stand them...dandelion!  I feel like I should be like Sam, the snowman in Rudolph and put up my umbrella so I do not have to look at the horror. Actually, they do not bother me, and as we will be having a grandchild coming into our world they will one day make wonderful bouquets and wispy seed heads to blow and watch the seeds dance away (to neighbors yards who probably wish we didn't have so many). 

Living in His grace,

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Long Dry Spell????

Has been quite awhile since I have posted, not that I didn't have anything to post, life just gets very busy and taking the time to sit and post just doesn't always fit into the day.  I also keep a journal, so many days this is where my thoughts, daily life and prayers go.

The past month has been full of projects, serving and surprises.  The weekly knitting group is still getting together, we had a free prom dress and accessory giveaway at the church (which I would love to post pics of but they are on my camera and I can't find it...poo), I am still fasting from TV as much as possible, except in the evening when my DF likes to watch and of course I watch with him, a topic for another day regarding this journey. Spring is finally here so there is flower garden clean up, garden preparation (too wet to work), barn cleaning (yet to be started), lawn mowing (yet to be tackled) and the list goes on and on.  Now to the surprise....

        I'm going to be a grandmother (Nana)!

Tried uploading a pic of the ultrasound but it wouldn't work...oh well.  This was a birthday surprise for me from the kids...a bit shocking at first since they've only been married since September, but, God's timing is always perfect.  We are expecting our little nugget to arrive in November. We are all very excited.

Happy Couple soon to be Happy Parents
 I will now start an earnest search for my camera.  I know it has to be somewhere in this house.

Living in His grace,