Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Break in the Rain

Easter weekend was very tiring but exciting.  For the big egg hunt at our church we had 700 in attendance, adults and kids.  For our small town church that's a pretty big number.  Due to all the rain, we had to have the hunt and festivities inside the church.  We are grateful that the Lord has blessed us with a building large enough to handle it though. 

Easter was a day full of sunrise service, church breakfast, 2 other services (for DF) and running home to clean and do some cooking for family who arrived in the afternoon. Oh, and there was rain.  By the evening I was plumb tired out. 

Today we had a break in the rain (yay) and I took a walk around the soppy yard to check on the progress of the vegie and flower garden and found many more things to be thankful for....

radishes and lettuce planted just over a week ago have appeared

potatoes planted

beautiful Lungwort in bloom

fronds from ferns unfurling

white bleeding heart

I am also thankful that the terrible storms that have plagued the country have slowed in intensity by the time they have reached here.  While watching the news this evening I saw the devastation they have caused. We are supposed to be under the gun tomorrow for severe weather...so I pray we continue to be missed.

On a lighter note....this is the last picture of Mr. Knightly...he is scheduled to meet his Maker tomorrow and afterward meet my soup pot :)   I was torn about his leaving (note the word "was") I have had a love/hate relationship with him...but today, as I was checking out the gardens, he was stalking me. The love is gone... I decided that I did not want to go through the whole summer watching for him over my shoulder...so...ado, Mr Knightly.

Living in His grace,

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Tami / Maddie Lumpkin said...

My aunt let it slip a couple years ago that my childhood rooster ended up in someones pot! All these years and I thought he flew away!