Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The past few days have been filled to the brim with spring work, mowing, raking, trimming and planting.  DF tilled the gardens and we were able to get onions, radishes and 8 rows of potatoes in (between the rain). I stuck the camera (oh yes, I found it...dropped between the dry sink and the wall in the kitchen) in my pocket and took random pictures during the weekend here's one to share...

a piece of lavender starting to green and little white wild flowers that were growing in the yard.  We do not put weed control on most of our yard only around the front and side of the house, the rest is left to "do it's own thing", thus we have these little white flowers, purple violets and yes...the disdain of the yard warriors...the dreaded, evil, how can you stand them...dandelion!  I feel like I should be like Sam, the snowman in Rudolph and put up my umbrella so I do not have to look at the horror. Actually, they do not bother me, and as we will be having a grandchild coming into our world they will one day make wonderful bouquets and wispy seed heads to blow and watch the seeds dance away (to neighbors yards who probably wish we didn't have so many). 

Living in His grace,

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