Thursday, April 14, 2011

Long Dry Spell????

Has been quite awhile since I have posted, not that I didn't have anything to post, life just gets very busy and taking the time to sit and post just doesn't always fit into the day.  I also keep a journal, so many days this is where my thoughts, daily life and prayers go.

The past month has been full of projects, serving and surprises.  The weekly knitting group is still getting together, we had a free prom dress and accessory giveaway at the church (which I would love to post pics of but they are on my camera and I can't find it...poo), I am still fasting from TV as much as possible, except in the evening when my DF likes to watch and of course I watch with him, a topic for another day regarding this journey. Spring is finally here so there is flower garden clean up, garden preparation (too wet to work), barn cleaning (yet to be started), lawn mowing (yet to be tackled) and the list goes on and on.  Now to the surprise....

        I'm going to be a grandmother (Nana)!

Tried uploading a pic of the ultrasound but it wouldn't work...oh well.  This was a birthday surprise for me from the kids...a bit shocking at first since they've only been married since September, but, God's timing is always perfect.  We are expecting our little nugget to arrive in November. We are all very excited.

Happy Couple soon to be Happy Parents
 I will now start an earnest search for my camera.  I know it has to be somewhere in this house.

Living in His grace,

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Tami / Maddie Lumpkin said...

Congratulations! Grandchildren are wonderful gifts.