Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Travels

DF and I headed out to store for lunch and then spent some time antiquing today....stopped at our favorite spot to check out what was new....unfortunately we didn't find much

afterward we tried to check out a couple more in the area but they were closed. 

 We headed back home to the local Mercantile

and even though we enjoyed looking, found no treasure to bring home.

We stopped by the church to spend some time praying at the prayer wall that was set up this past Sunday.  The church was encouraged to stop by daily and pray for those that had posted a request.

The day went by quickly, but was definitely enjoyable and it's leftover pizza and a movie.

Oh, we did make one purchase at the favorite antique store, a bargain at $4.99

I see it filled with apples, oranges, nuts, candles, glass ornaments, mini pumpkins, candy.....etc.....etc.......

Living in His grace,

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Jodi said...

Hello Jody, thank you for inviting me in! :) I think your photos are beautiful.