Thursday, January 27, 2011


The weather is a tad warmer today so I took my camera to the barn for morning chores

The goats were most accomodating when asked if I could take their picture.  Of course it could be that they were hoping they would get a horse cookie from me, but alas, my pockets were empty....sorry boys.

This is Mr Knightly leaving the barn and heading to the chicken coop to say good morning to the ladies.  He was banned from the coop several months ago for being overly aggressive with the girls.  Poor girls were nearly featherless and I was ashamed for anyone to go out to the coop to see them.  I am happy to report they have now recovered and are beautiful. I will need to post a picture.....

Almost to the coop....

I have a love/hate relationship with Mr. Knightly...I love the way he looks, I love to hear him crow.....I hate the way he wants to stalk, sneak, and attack me when I'm working in the barn.  I have a large rake that I carry with me for protection.  My morning routine is to shoo him out of the barn with the rake then block the barn door with a piece of fencing so he can't get back in......a few times I have shouted the words "off with his head!"
Mr Knightly lives on borrowed time.

Miss Margaret Dashwood is a newcomer to the farm, she and her sister, Miss Eleanor Dashwood (I could not get her to be still for a pic) have been with us since this past September.  Their sister Miss Mary Ann Dashwood is no longer with us.  She was much more adventerous than the other 2 Dashwood sisters (sounds like a book) and just could not keep from wanting to know what wonderful things were in store for her on the other side of the road.  Unfortunately, she will never know as she never made it across that road. Poor poor Mary Ann.

Alright, need to get on with the day....need to clean a bit, run some laundry...small group tonight, meeting at a chinese restaurant for dinner then heading to the church for our study.

Living in His grace,

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