Thursday, January 20, 2011

20 days into a New Year

I have been lurking at many blog sites for the past few months and neglecting doing anything with mine.  I question why I even feel compelled to do this.....I don't know, I really have nothing of interest to write, yet, something in me still wants to give this a, here I go, writing for no real reason to no one in particular. 

 2010 was truly a blur with the whole year spent getting ready for the September wedding of my darling daughter.  It was a wonderful Fall day, the wedding was held at a small church in ad Historical Village with the reception at a local restored barn.  The bride and groom were/are a beautiful couple

  Now that the wedding is past and the holiday's are over I hope to start giving some much needed attention to the house.  Plans for this include painting the kitchen, upstairs hall and bathroom as well as some repair work around the fireplace in the TV room

The barn is in desperate need of painting and once it's painted we will need to paint the chicken coop, granary, garden shed and outhouse....looks like 2011 will be the year of the "paint".  All the out buildings are currently traditional barn red, but I am leaning towards putting black barn paint on all. 

I think they will contrast well with the house which is sided a very pale shade of yellow.  Not a color I would have chosen, but was on the house when we bought it and unless there is a windfall of will stay that way.  It really isn't a bad color just not the one I dream about.

Living in His grace,

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Darling Daughter said...

Did you notice that the clothes line in the bottom right hand corner of the picture stands out with the snow on it as a cross :)