Thursday, February 3, 2011

Calm after the storm....

     The last couple of days have seen various weather conditions, snow, rain, freezing rain, snow again, winds up to 45 mph and now wonderful sun.  I am thankful that our power stayed on through it all, the only thing we lost was the cable which includes our phone and internet. 
     Going to the barn is a slow journey as the ground has a layer of ice with snow on top all the way there.  ( I have taken great delight in seeing Mr. Knightly slip and fall on his way out the barn door.) The horses spent all day yesterday in their stalls as I was afraid they would break their legs on the ice skating rink that the pasture has become.  Today though, with the sun shining (though it's still icy) the barn is open and all animals are out and enjoying the day.
     The days little by little are getting longer and even though it doesn't seem like it, we now have proof.   After a couple months of barely laying any eggs, this week, the hens have stepped up production

Puxatawny Phil did not see his shadow and the hens are laying....spring cannot be far away :)

Last week DF picked up a book that I had reserved at the library

  I have not had a chance to really sit down and read it yet, but I did run across this as I was thumbing through the pages ...

"Rise early.  Eat simple food.  Take plenty of exercise.  Never fear a little fatique."  "Avoid the necessity of a physician, if you can, by careful attention to your diet." 

Wise words from 1832!

Living in His grace,


Jodi said...

Being that Saturday was warm--40 degrees :)--I mucked out our hen house, and found the first egg of the season. Hooray!

Jody said...

40 degrees....that is a heat wave :) Our hen house will most likely have to wait until spring. Yay for your first egg of the season!! I know how exciting that is.