Thursday, September 9, 2010


4 months ago I posted on here, life just gets too busy and I haven't really felt like putting anything down in words.  Not that there haven't been things to write about.  Darling Daughters wedding is 1 week away, she has been packing up all of her belongings, preparing to leave this home and start one of her own. The house if full of wedding decorations, food items and boxes of clothes, shoes and stuff.   I am excited and reflective.  We are all ready for the "event" to be here.  Have become tired of thinking about and planning every waking hour. Praying for a peacful day of love and celebration and to let go of perfection.  To relax and enjoy the moment.

3 days ago I learned of the death of a friend who was not a believer, maybe she was a believer but she had not claimed Jesus has her Lord, she did believe in God.  I had prayed for her, spent some time with her, but never really got in her face about the Lord.  I felt that if I was her friend and showed her love that she would be interested in finding out more of who Jesus was and what He desired of her.  Now she's gone and I don't know where she stood.  I heard she did cry out to God for help and only He knows her heart.  But I am left with feelings that I did not do enough, I know I did not spend enough time with her.  I let life get in the way and did not make the sacrifice to see her, prayed for her but did I pray enough?  I did not speak the words of life to her in a frank way.  I had prayed that the Father would put someone in my path to reach out to and when He did I didn't really step up to the plate and give it my all.
I fell short and I can only ask His forgiveness and pray that the next time I will give Him my all for another.  I really don't want to feel this way again.....

Living in and thankful for HIS grace,

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