Saturday, February 6, 2010

Winding Down

The snow is winding down and the wind is picking up.  A harsh northeast wind, swirling the snow into large drifts and leaving other places bare.  This morning has been spent shoveling, snowblowing and plowing.  The electric went out briefly in the night and this morning there is no power to the barn, so, aside from all the the "shoveling, snowblowing and plowing", my DF is going to work in the barn.  It appears with all the sideway's snow blowing through the slats in the old barn, the outlets where the electric buckets are plugged have gotten wet.  Thankfully right now, the temperature is not too bad and the buckets are just slushy.  It is to be colder tomorrow.

I did get the downstairs in the house in a bit of order, though with everyone home today, that won't last for long :)  I will work in the office as planned and try to make it in to church later.

I did head outside this morning to take a few pictures....

(DD and the boys)

(Boy Next Door plowing)

(DF having fun :) )

(DD posing)

Have a wonderful, warm, snowy day!

Living in His grace,

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