Friday, February 5, 2010

Is it Friday already???

I laughed this morning when the TV showed schools already closing or saying they would dismiss early today.  "Already?" I said. The weatherman warned of a large snowstorm which was putting everyone in an early panic. 

He was right!

Spitting snow started at noon, a couple hours later we have this with more to come tonight and tomorrow.

This week has been one of running errands, appointments, coffee with a friend and interruptions to plans.  My office desk is piled with work, my house looks like...well I'm not sure what it looks like but it's a mess (Mom, remember my room when I lived at home?), you get the idea.  The laundry is piled high and waiting and here I sit blogging :)  When things are in such a state, it's hard to get motivated to even start.  I will, after this, get going and try to get the house back in order. Tomorrow I have a couple things to do at church and then a prayer service in the evening but between times I will work in the office and hopefully get things caught up.

I've started knitting a dishcloth in a new pattern today at Helen's after I fed her lunch.  What a great time to sit, knit and visit with her.  Helen is 94 and is totally alone except for all the women who come in to help with her 24 hours a day, oh, and the man who orchestrates is all, Mr. D.  Mr D. is wonderful to Helen and is no relation to her, he is a wonderful example of what the Lord calls us to do by taking care of widows. Helen was a bit tired and distant today, though she did eat a pretty good lunch.  We didn't visit as much as we normally do, she kept drifting off to sleep. 

Ok,  I must get's getting late in the more snow picture and I'm off....

Living in His Grace,

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