Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Recap

Small tokens of love exchanged, worship, lunch at our favorite restaurant :)....then an interruption of lunch with a call by a friend who was in a car accident, would we head to his house and be with his middle school aged daughter...yes, he was fine, just didn't know when he would get home...lunch was bagged and we were on our way.  An afternoon of visiting with a 13 year old who was cooking oven fried chicken.  Her mom made it home from work with dad coming in shortly after.  We head home and eat our lunch at 4pm, just in time to head back to church for 5:20 service.  My DF had to leave service early to go to work for a few hours.  So...after service I drop off a couple ladies who needed a ride and head home myself.  DF gets home not long after and then it's a quick late supper, get the trash to the end of the drive for the morning and get ready for bed.  It was a fast, busy, day.

From my DF

Coffee to drink while I watch Morning Joe on MSNBC (sorry all my Fox News friends) I have come to enjoy this morning news program...and yes, I am still a Follower of Jesus :)

My gift to my DF (pathetic I know)

Cards exchanged

Suprise flowers on Saturday from my DF

Cupcakes baked for my DD

A t-shirt for my DD that gives to others...
all proceeds from this purchase go to Lifeline Mission's work in Haiti.

A box of chocolates for our DD and cajun peanuts for me from our favorite Candy/Peanut shoppe were also waiting on Valentine's morning. Thank you DF for making your girls feel special.

Living in His grace,

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