Friday, February 19, 2010

A Busy Week

This week started out with a couple of days of snow, I think we had around 10 inches on top of the countless inches we've accumulated over the last month.  Today however was around 32, sunny, with bright blue skies.  A beautiful day!

On Wednesday, DD and The Boy Next Door went for a walk in the deep snow in the pasture.  They of course took the dogs along on their little hike.  While kneeling in a snow bank that extended over the creek, DD became aware that the part of the bank to her side had given away.  Suddenly she realized that Cooper had fallen and was now in the creek.  She and The Boy Next Door rushed to dig a way out for him and then hurried him back through the pasture to the house...this is what he looked like when he came in

poor Cooper

DD felt horrible

Gryffin...he did not fall in the creek

he looks a little arrogant in this picture, maybe because he was dry and Cooper was a wet, muddy, mess.

While talking to Mom on the phone Thursday, I went downstairs to make a cup of coffee, stopped by the cupboard in the dining room to get my cup and noticed this...

It's dry now, but it was dripping and running down the cupboard.  I called DF and he headed home, we both figured it was due to all the snow and ice on the roof.  This spot is where the ell connects onto the main house.  DF spent the rest of the day and part of the evening clearing snow and ice from the roof.  Thankfully it worked, no more dripping, just a lovely stain to be painted over.  Oh well, the ceiling really needed a new coat of paint anyway.  I'm just thankful that there doesn't appear to be any real damage.

Aside from a lot of office work to catch up this week, there were a couple of funerals to attend, dinner to make for the family of one of them and time with Helen.  Helen seemed not to know me at first today.  I had to remind her who I was, where DF and I worked, that I knit and had brought her eggs. She then remembered and we did do a little visiting.  I bring her eggs from our chickens, somone must have told her they are brown eggs, she says she cannot tell the difference between white and brown eggs...but she enjoys them.

Well, it's time to get ready for bed, just finished up some office work...I'm getting caught if I can just stay that way!!!

Living in His grace,

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jvengland said...

Poor Cooper needs a new home.