Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wandering Wednesday

Today has been a day for errands.  Headed to town to pick up horse feed in one part of the county, cat food, cat litter and dog food in another part.  Went to Kohls because they were having an early bird sale and I was in need of a new iron.  When my darling daughter got married she received a lovely pink iron for a gift, she wasn't using it due to the fact our new son came with one, so, since my iron wasn't doing so well she graciously gave it to me.  I received a call yesterday...their iron had just that morning started sparking and smoking...."Mom, we need the iron back", rats, I liked that iron.  So, thankfully, there was a Rowenta iron on sale at Kohls....a good sale too, and we had an extra 30% coupon...yippee, I didn't feel so bad about returning the cute pink iron.  

Met up with our Darling Daughter for lunch at one of our favorite sub places

she surprised me with a cute little gift

Chalk doodle coasters...very fond of the the gift bag too....

Temperatures have been around 50 today....very spring like, so much so that when we arrived home late this afternoon, the honey bee's that live in the old catalpa tree outside our back door had awoke and were stretching their wings.....

(turn off the music at the right to hear the bees,oh, and a chicken laying an egg too :)  )

Tomorrow's forcast is calling for it to be near 60 so the bees again will be out stretching, however, one of the ladies at the knitting group last night stated she heard that the week after next temps could get down to -10 again for our area....hope the bees don't use up too much energy, they'll need it to keep warm in the coming days.  Let's hope that that type of temp is over for this year.

trying out one of my new coasters
Living in His grace,

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