Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Work, Home & Blogging

Well, setting up this blog is proving to be fun, challenging and time consuming. It's like decorating a room...I want it to be warm, inviting and reflect a bit of who I am. I am amazed at how much "stuff" there is out there to "decorate" with. I am trying not to get carried away and make it too busy. I try to go by the saying "less is more".

This day has been another cold and snowy one, it seems most of the country is finding the same. Driving home from work my Darling Daughter lost control of her car and did a bit of fishtailing on the highway. I thank God she was able to correct the situation and that no other cars were close to her during the incident. There have been several accidents during rush hour the last few days. I work from home so I get to enjoy the beauty of it all and not the frustration. In fact, at times, I do not leave the property for days. It's a good thing I am content with being at home.

My only frustration today was that the water spigot in the barn was frozen...grrr. I tromp back to the house after calling my DF to meet me at the door with the hair dryer, stand outside the door waiting because he can't find the hair dryer, head inside, take off my boots and find DF in the kitchen with the hair dryer in hand....ughhh....head back to the barn, sit on a bucket for 45 minutes blowing hot air at the spigot and the pipe. Thankfully water finally started to flow. I then begin filling buckets. I'm filling the 4th bucket when I let it slip out of my hands, it lands right side up but the water shot straight up in the air and made full contact with my face...being that it's about 10 degrees in the barn, I head back to the house for a towel (of course the paper towel dispenser in the barn is empty) to dry off and then back to the barn to finish the morning work. Ahhh the life of the hobby farmer (smiles).

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