Friday, January 15, 2010


It made it all the way up to 40 is a heat wave! Spent a little bit of time outside with "the collies" taking a few pictures here and there. The snow is very slushy and very, very dirty near the road. Hopefully it will wash away Sunday as we are expecting some rain. The downside of the warmth and rain is now we will have to contend with mud...oh...I truly dislike the mud.

My Darling Daughter has started to plan her wedding :) She became engaged on Christmas Eve with The Boy Next Door...we love The Boy Next Door and are very excited about it. It was a long journey for her to find him...even though he was right there all the time. The Lord it good!!! Looks like we will have a summer wedding, so things will soon begin to get very busy.

The house is quiet tonight and after spending some time cleaning in the bedroom I think it will be a nice time to work on a dishcloth I'm knitting...I'm just learning (at 50) so my entire knitting expertise is dishcloths and scarves but it makes me happy and that's enough.

In His Grace

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