Monday, March 15, 2010

Could spring be here???

I don't remember much about last, cleaning, spa appointment for Gryffin :) , a basketball game, errands and church. That about sums it up.  I did manage to take a few pictures on Friday...

snow melting away

getting the rubber wellies ready

to handle this

and this....I loathe mud!!!!

looking forward to these

and one last pic, moss greening up of the northside of one of the old maples

as of tonight the snow is now completely gone, the mud is deep.  We sink up to our ankles when heading out in the pastures.  The wellies are getting a true workout.  Just came in from locking up the chickens and gathering the eggs, there is a slight mist, but tomorrow and the following days are promising to be a bit dryer and warmer.  Hopefully the mud will begin to dry.

Living in His grace,

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